Our Classes

Our Classes

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Gentle Yoga Flow: We take our transitions as mindfully as our full asanas. Perfect for beginners, we move to improve our flexibility, mobility, and balance!

Slow Flow: We start off slow, get acquainted with the movements and then build up heat as we flow with the speed of our breath.

EmPOWERment Flow: We are going to get sweaty! Don't worry, there will be lots of modifications offered and a chance to rest any time we need to. The playlist is lit, and you're going to feel STRONG.

Heated Yoga: Similar to our slow flow, but with the room temp up to 99 degrees! Bring water, let's sweat!

Barre-Lates: If our barre class and pilates class had a baby, this would be it. Cardio and tiny pulses at the barre, weights & strength training on our mat. This workout is so much fun and leaves you feeling amazing!

Dominee's Flow: Short yoga flows interspersed with restorative and yin style poses which can be modified to meet the needs of the students. There will be props and a short sound bath during savasana.

Sculpt: Gigi's trademark class, it's going to make you sweat, maybe swear, but then feel so strong later!

*VIRTUAL: barre-lates: Our in-studio class shrinks down to 45 minutes and is totally accessible at your home. Streamed via zoom

*VIRTUAL: gentle yoga: you can meet me on your mat at your own home. We stretch, unwind & connect to our breath for 45 minutes. Streamed via Zoom

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