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Our Classes

At Empower we move our bodies out of celebration, and never out of punishment. We have a variety of classes for every body & fitness level and ability. You are enough just as you are and deserve self love and care.

Short Flow

Description to come - perfect for beginners and seasoned yogis alike

Movement as Mettaphor

Bruce Lee and John Travolta meet in this fun exploratory  movement class based in principles of mindful dance, Yoga, and martial arts. Every fitness level welcome.

Private Classes

Are you nervous to step onto your mat in a class setting? Do you have specific goals you want to meet? Whether you want a private yoga class or the accountability of your own set workout practice and schedule, we can meet your needs in a private class!

Sculpt & Stretch

This class is the perfect combination of improving our strength as well as our flexiblity.

For 20 minutes we warm up and focus on our lower body at the barre. Glutes, hamstrings, thighs, calves and our core are targeted with low impact but highly effective movements.

For another 20 minutes, we are on our mat with weights to continue our focus on our core as well as our upper body. Pilates-inspired movements get deep into our muscles and fascia to create those long and lean muscles.

Finally, we finish our class with 20 minutes of a deep stretch, assisted with yoga straps. We stretch out all parts of our body with both static & dynamic stretches to prevent soreness and find the ultimate place of rest.

Hot Yoga Sculpt

Here we combine the benefits of a hot yoga class with weights and bands. Strengthen AND stretch

Chair Strength & Balance

More challenging than it sounds, we use the chair to assist in balance poses, and utilize weights to strengthen our upper body.

Gentle Yoga

Great for beginners, we combine our breath and body to stretch, distress, and improve our balance

Slow Flow

This class is deep and slow. Options are given to modify or advance your personal practice. We offer this class heated or unheated.

Hot emPOWERment Flow

We start off slow, and then begin to move faster and faster with our breath. This class is great to get that heart rate up and improve your balance.

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