Empower’s Mission

Here at Empower Yoga, our goal is to help you feel empowered both on and off of your mat. Regardless of fitness level, body shape, experience or abilities, you will find a class that makes you feel better and better every time you show up. We modify, listen to our bodies, find our limits, build strength and everything in between while always moving with compassion and kindness for ourselves.

Change and growth happens within. The more we grow to appreciate and love ourselves exactly where we are, the more our confidence in what we can do will grow.



At Empower you can find a class for anybody! Whether you are looking for a hot power yoga class or a gentle chair yoga and strength, we have a class for you! Below are just a few of our classes:


Great for beginners, we combine our breath and body to stretch, distress, and improve our balance.


This class is deep and slow. Options are given to modify or advance your personal practice. We offer this class heated or unheated.


We start off slow, and then begin to move faster and faster with our breath. This class is great to get that heart rate up and improve your balance.


More challenging than it sounds, we use the chair to assist in balance poses, and utilize weights to strengthen our upper body.


Here we combine the benefits of a hot yoga class with weights and bands. Strengthen AND stretch.


Barre & Pilates combine! Low impact cardio at the ballet barre, light weights, and great music. Gets deep into those muscle tissues to sculpt long, lean muscles. Pilates works outs on the mat to strengthen and target the core and glutes.


Our newest class, this class is the perfect combination of improving our strength as well as our flexiblity.

For 20 minutes we warm up and focus on our lower body at the barre. Glutes, hamstrings, thighs, calves and our core are targeted with low impact but highly effective movements. 

For another 20 minutes, we are on our mat with weights to continue our focus on our core as well as our upper body. Pilates-inspired movements get deep into our muscles and fascia to create those long and lean muscles.

Finally, we finish our class with 20 minutes of a deep stretch, assisted with yoga straps. We stretch out all parts of our body with both static & dynamic stretches to prevent soreness and find the ultimate place of rest.


Are you nervous to step onto your mat in a class setting? Do you have specific goals you want to meet? Whether you want a private yoga class or the accountability of your own set workout practice and schedule, we can meet your needs in a private class!


I love the care that Kimbrena and the other instructors take with their students. They are always so warm and friendly! They work with all levels of students and really make the practice ‘an experience’ where the outside world just falls away. Whether it’s a pop-in Saturday flow or a full membership, I highly recommend trying out their classes. I absolutely love the hot yoga classes, perfect for stretching out any sore muscles.

Shelby Adamson

Upcoming Events

  • Multiple Dates
    Fri, Aug 12
    8 Benson St
    Aug 12, 6:15 PM – Sep 16, 7:15 PM
    8 Benson St, 8 Benson St, Hartwell, GA 30643, USA
    Free to the community! Set aside an evening for self care. This yoga class is for all fitness levels from never-taken-yoga-before to seasoned yogis. All bodies and people welcome. Come see what Empower is all about.
  • Gentle Yoga & Soundbath
    Multiple Dates
    Mon, Aug 15
    Aug 15, 6:00 PM – 7:00 PM
    Hartwell, 8 Benson St suite b, Hartwell, GA 30643, USA
    A night of self care! Every third Monday of the month.


Due to the amount of phone calls we receive and limited service in the yoga studio, please leave a voice mail or even text us for a faster response. You can also message us directly on Facebook, Instagram and on our app!

8 Benson St, Suite B, Hartwell, GA 30643


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